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Gourd Classes:

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Artist at work-2002


Ongoing exhibit(s):

Anesong, South Korea
Folkloria Museum

More information on gourds and gourd related events can be found on the American Gourd Society website, and on the Wisconsin Gourd Society website.

Barb Rothwell is the featured artist of both gourds, and fabric art. Barb comes from a long line of artists, and her work can be found in a multitude of medias.

Original working in oils and watercolors, she moved into the world of advertising, and later public service. After retirement she became fascinated in gourds, and found a new outlet for her talents.

She enjoys not only creating new and interesting designs with gourds, but also teaching interested individuals in this wonderful media.

As the years progressed and downsizing became more and more appealing, the accessories of gourds took on a more practical  aspect, opening up a new world of fabric art.

You can contact her at the e-mail address on this pages' footer.
The Studio!

Thank goodness for organization, it's wonderful! It makes it so easy to switch from one project to another.

Projects keep the studio in a constant flow of experimentation with new designs and techniques.There are still gourds around, but most of the space is now taken up with fabric projects.

Quilting and embroidery has become my new passion, but I do break out of the mold occasionally to turn a gourd into an art piece.

I'm still a member of the International Institutes' Artisan Guild, but I'm spending far less time with gourds than fabric.
The studio has gone from gourds

to a fabric overload. As soon as I finish one project, another presents itself, along with another load of fabric.

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