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Artist at work-2002

  • Anesong, South Korea Folkloria Museum
  • International Institute Milwaukee, Wisconsin
The Studio!

Thank goodness for organization, it's wonderful! It makes it so easy to switch from one project to another.


As a member of the International Institute's Artisan Guild, I still search for new avenues to provide creative visual learning opportunities for others, as a way of helping other's to reach their potential in a therapeutic way.

Projects such as incorporating horticulture into Labyrinths, have become both amusing and therapeutic.


The Founder of the Creative Visual Workshop, Barb Rothwell, comes from a long line of artists, and her work can be found in a multitude of medias.

Barb started her professional career in art and advertising, continuing a family tradition. Her father had a wide variety of interests that he shared with her, as a minister, and a commercial artist.  Many of her talents are based on the insights that she gathered from working along side of her father, learning various aspects of the art world, and religions.

The biggest lesson that she learned was to see beyond the surface of things. To see the hidden aspects and potential of any person, object, or situation, that were yet to be created, formed or transformed.

She attended Wayne State University, graduated from Concordia College and new Earth Theological University, taking additional courses at the University of Wisconsin. Her studies in Journalism, Medical Science, Theology, International Development, Business Management, and Technology helped her pursue a successful career in both the private and public sectors for 39 years.

After retiring  from public service, she reflected back to her roots in the art world and sought out other media to apply the talents that she had gained throughout the years in both the public and private sector. She also felt drawn back to an earlier calling. Ordained in 1976, she managed to fit her ministerial work around her professional career and volunteer work with numerous non-profit organizations. The majority of her time was in ministry to those that were experiencing as loss of type, (spiritually, emotionally, or physically).

Gourd art helped her transition from international travel back to a more academic world, by sharing her knowledge through teaching and prompting an increase her desires to activate research in more spiritual matters. In 2015 she started working toward her doctorate degree, completing her thesis, (The Power of the Soul), in early 2019, and was awarded her doctorate in September 2019.

She enjoys not only creating new and interesting designs, but teaching interested individuals in various medias to instill a more solid foundation for them to obtain a fresher outlook on life and build confidence in their abilities.

You can contact her at the e-mail address on this pages' footer.
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